Anything you can do to make you more visible to other road users is beneficial. If you regularly hack out, then investing in a riding hat with LED lights like this one could be a valuable addition to your riding-wear wardrobe. Our tester put this helmet to the test for four months, and assessed it for fit, effectiveness and value for money.


This hat is a great fit — it’s adjustable so you can get the best possible fit by turning the dial. It’s comfortable to wear for long periods of time and you don’t get too hot wearing it.


This hat features a clever lighting system. When activated, the LEDs are white at the side and red at the back. I tend to use it on flash mode whenever I’m hacking out — it’s definitely more effective on dull days but you’ve got a great looking hat and additional LED safety when you need it. Use with other items of high-vis and you’re going to get noticed.

Value for money

Fair price for a riding hat, plus you have the additional safety aspect of the LEDs.

The need-to-knows

RRP £132

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