Whether it is brightening, whitening, medicated or stain removing, there is a shampoo on the market for every colour, coat and occasion. Selecting the best one for your horse will make removing dirt and grease quick and easy, leaving their coat soft and gleaming from head to tail.

Each shampoo was judged on how well it removed dirt, how easily it rinsed out and the look and feel of the horse’s coat once dry. Each was marked out of five for ease of use, effectiveness and value for money. This gives an overall rating out of 15.

1. Shires Ezi-Groom Deep Cleaning Shampoo

RRP £6.99 for 400ml


Ease of use: The instructions for using this shampoo are clear on the bottle and it is a good consistency — not too thick or too runny. It is very quick and easy to wash out. 5 stars

Effectiveness: You only need a small amount of this shampoo diluted on a wet coat and it cleans easily with little effort. On stubborn stains I used a little shampoo directly onto the coat and this proved very effective. After drying, the coat is left soft and smooth — all the mud, sweat and grease has been removed with just one use. It also has a pleasant, fruity citrus smell. 5 stars

Value for money: Ezi-Groom Deep Cleaning Shampoo is excellent value for money and the bottle lasts a long time when you dilute it in water, which makes it very competitively priced. I will be using it again and will recommend it to others. 5 stars

Total: 15

2. Lincoln Silky Shine 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner

RRP £9.99 for 500ml


Ease of use: The product is simple to use and a little goes a long way. It works well into the coat and produces a fair lather. It is also quick and easy to rinse out and doesn’t leave a residue. 4.5 stars

Effectiveness: I have been really impressed with this product – not only did it give my black horse an amazing shine, but it also left him feeling really silky and smooth. It worked a treat on his big cob tail and left his hair tangle-free. He also smells great! It is perfect for show preparation. 5 stars

Value for money: Excellent value for money, too. 5 stars

Total: 14.5

3. Horse Health Brite Whites Shampoo

RRP £11.50 for 500ml; £19.95 for 1 litre; £52.95 for 4 litres


Ease of use: It lathers up nicely and you can see it lifting out the dirt. It has a nice smell, too, and rinses out easily. When she is dry, my mare’s coat feels amazing. 5 stars

Effectiveness: Normally on my very dirty grey mare I need to use a stain remover first followed by two lots of washing, but this shampoo gets her clean and white first time. The results are fantastic with just one wash. 5 stars

Value for money: This shampoo isn’t the cheapest, but because I don’t have to use a stain remover it ends up being good value – and even saves me money. 4.5 stars

Total: 14.5

4. NAF Show Off Shampoo

RRP £9.99 for 500ml; £33 for 2 litres


Ease of use: It lathers up nicely and rinses out easily, and has a lovely smell that is fresh but not overpowering. 4.5 stars

Effectiveness: This shampoo definitely lives up to the manufacturer’s claims — it leaves the coat with a lovely shine and it feels silky soft. It removes dirt first time around quickly and easily. 5 stars

Value for money: This is a very good quality shampoo that is straightforward to use and is good value for money. 4.5 stars

Total: 14

5. Mastacare Tea Tree Shampoo

RRP £7.65 for 500ml


Ease of use: It lathers up well and cleans the coat effectively, although it is a little runnier than other shampoos. 4.5 stars

Effectiveness: It is easy to rinse out and leaves the coat feeling naturally soft and clean. This product has a lovely fresh smell thanks to the tea tree, coconut and rosemary essential oils. 4.5 stars

Value for money: A small amount goes a long way. 4.5 stars

Total: 13.5

6. Showmaster Shampoo Nature Care

RRP £11.90 for 500ml


Ease of use: This is a lovely, thick, all-natural shampoo that is plant-based and free from silicones and parabens. It didn’t lather up as well as other shampoos at first, but as it is completely natural I was expecting that. The pump on the bottle is a nice idea, but sadly it wasn’t particularly effective and I ended up taking it off to get the shampoo out. 4 stars

Effectiveness: I used this shampoo on a horse who has very sensitive skin and I’m pleased to say that it didn’t cause any reactions. It also does a really good job of cleaning the coat and leaving it feeling soft. It has a pleasant smell to it that’s not overpowering. There is a lot to like about this shampoo; the natural pH is kind to the skin, the bottle is made of recycled PET, and even the label is environmentally friendly. 5 stars

Value for money: It if effective and well worth the money. 4.5 stars

Total: 13.5

7. Science Supplements Aloe Vera Shampoo

RRP £11.99 for 500ml


Ease of use: It is a nice consistency and has a pleasant, fresh smell to it. The shampoo rinses out easily and doesn’t irritate the skin. I always try to use natural shampoos on my mare as she has sensitive skin. This product is natural and has mild properties that suit her skin well. 5 stars

Effectiveness: It lathers up well and is fairly effective at removing dirt – although on the really dirty areas I needed to wash her twice. Once dry, her coat had a healthy, natural shine and it felt soft. 4.5 stars

Value for money: It is a little more expensive than I would normally pay for a shampoo, but there’s lots to life about it. 4 stars

Total: 13.5

8. Supreme Products Blue Shampoo

RRP £11.40 for 500ml; £19.50 for 1 litre; £68.50 for 5 litres


Ease of use: I was a little unsure of the blue colour to begin with, but once I had read the instructions that say to dilute it in a bucket of water I was happy to use it. It lathers up well and when left on for a few minutes as suggested in the instructions the results were really good. 4.5 stars

Effectiveness: I mainly used this shampoo on white legs and it is certainly effective. It eliminates all stable and grass stains to leave the hair white — but not unnaturally so. I have also used the shampoo on black manes and tails, and it gives both a healthy shine. 4.5 stars

Value for money: The price is a bit more than I would normally pay, but the results are good. 4 stars

Total: 13

9. HY Equestrian Magic Miracle Shampoo

RRP £8.99 for 500ml


Ease of use: The instructions are very clear and easy to read, and the shampoo is thick, but easy to get out of the bottle and use with a sponge or hand directly onto a wet coat. 4 stars

Effectiveness: Only a small amount of shampoo is needed as it lathers up easily, but it takes quite a lot of rinsing out and still has soapy suds after a couple of rinses. The shampoo cleans the coat well, but rather a lot is needed on stubborn stains. When dry, the coat feels clean, shiny and soft. The smell is pleasant and subtle. 4.5 stars

Value for money: It is reasonable value for money, but I did use it up quickly when washing the whole horse. 4 stars

Total: 12.5

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