MudRugs 20g turnout rug with belly cover, available sizes 5’0-7’3, £76

With the wet summer we’ve had, I was keen to try the first 20g turnout rug I’ve come across as I often find that a 0g sheet lets in water in heavy downpours. I already have a 200g MudRugs turnout which was fabulous in the colder part of the winter, and so had high hopes for the lighter version.

First impressions

I love the light blue colour of the rug, and the fact that it comes with the option of standard belly straps or a belly cover which not only helps to keep their belly’s dry when they lie down in the field, but also keeps the flies at bay. You can also have rear leg straps or a filet string depending on what you prefer. I also like the reflective strips to help spot them in the dark, and the 1200 denier outer for that added strength from rips and tears.


My mare is a 6ft3 and this is true to size. It’s lovely and deep so it covers the tops of their legs and the tail flap is long and wide enough to act as a wind and rain break when they stand with their bottoms to the rain. The front is generous around the chest and there are two fitting options to have it tighter or looser. The shoulder darts allow for extra movement and it has d-rings for a neck attachment which you can purchase separately. The belly cover has two different attachment options for a looser or snugger fit.


Having already tried the heavier-weight version, I knew what to expect in terms of fit, but I was very keen to see how it would perform in heavy rain. I have tried numerous zero-fill sheets and they have all allowed water in after a downpour, but with the additional 20g of fill, which doesn’t really change the thickness of the rug, my mare was 100% dry underneath after numerous nights and days of heavy rain. She was warm and dry every time. Even on warmer summer days, she didn’t feel too warm for the extra bit of filling – it is just enough to give the outer waterproof lining an extra boost in the heavy rain. I was really impressed.

We also had a few lessons and dressage shows planned, so after a bath, I turned her back out in the field overnight with the additional neck cover and belly cover and it helped to keep her dry and clean for the morning despite the muddy fields.

The soft nylon lining helps to keep their hair lying flat and promotes a lovely shine.

Value for money

At £76, this rug is in my opinion worth every penny. It’s great value considering it is waterproof and has the additional belly cover and options of leg straps of filet string.

You can pay a lot more for similar rugs that don’t perform nearly as well.

Important info

RRP £76

Colour: Blue

Sizes: 5’0 – 7’3

Available to purchase here

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