T-shirts don’t quite cut it in the winter months, so I opt for long-sleeved tops instead for that extra element of warmth to wear under a fleece or jumper. This technical top for Mountain Horse is perfect for winter riding.

The colour is the first thing I noticed when I unpacked it. It is a lovely sky blue with a white print, and looks great with most colours of breeches and gilets. It is also available in pink. The material is soft, lightweight and stretchy.

Size and fit

When I tried the Mountain Horse Cleo Tech Top on, I instantly notice the soft-brushed lining, which is super cosy and comfortable. Some base layers can feel cold when you first put them on, but this is instantly warming and very soft against the skin.

The arms are a good length. I am 5ft 9in tall and I have long arms, which means I often find tops too short in the arms, but this is the perfect length. The fact that it is stretchy helps as it moulds to the shape of my body.

The Mountain Horse Cleo Tech Top is a good length in the body too. Long enough to tuck into your breeches and prevent cold drafts!


I did worry that, with the brushed lining, I might get too warm and sweaty wearing the Mountain Horse Cleo Tech Top for active jobs like mucking out, but I didn’t at all. It provides a cosy layer without being too thick and making you too hot.

It is very stretchy so when I’m mucking out, bending over to pick out hooves and reaching up to brush muddy manes, it’s totally flexible and not restrictive at all. It’s comfortable to wear under a jumper and/or gilet, and come the spring when it’s warmer, it’ll be great as a layer under a gilet without a jumper.

I found that the Mountain Horse Cleo Tech Top is very quick to dry. After getting wet sleeves from washing my mare’s mane, it was dry again within 20 minutes, unlike some thicker materials that take hours to dry.

The high collar on this tech top is a great touch. I hate getting drafts down my neck, and this is high enough that when I’m riding and working on the yard, my neck is protected from the elements.

It has been washed numerous times and comes up like new every time.

Value for Money

At £54, it’s not one of the cheapest tops on the market, but it does boast technical features and the fact that it washes well and performs well, I’d say it is definitely worth the money.

It is easy to wear the Mountain Horse Cleo Tech Top every day — either as a bottom layer or on its own — so it gets plenty of wear. Overall, it gets the thumbs up from me!

Key information about the Mountain Horse Cleo Tech Top

Colour options: dark blue, pink, burgundy or aqua blue

Sizes: XS-XXL

RRP £54

Purchase here

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