Whether you are trotting down the centre line or waiting for the bell to ring at the beginning of your jumping round, ensuring that you and your horse look and feel at your best can give your confidence a surprising boost. The competition jacket you choose to wear not only needs to look smart but it should also be comfortable, leaving you to focus on the job in hand.

Our team of testers, who are out competing regularly, have put five competition jackets to the test. Each has been marked out of five for fit, style and value for money. This gives an overall rating out of 15.

1. Premier Equine Hagen Ladies Competition Jacket

RRP £135

Colours: Navy, black, green, wine

Sizes: 6 – 16


Fit: This show jacket is lovely. It is great quality and a flattering fit. Even the arm length – something I struggle with – is perfect. The only downside is that the jacket is slightly tight across my bust area, but the stretchy material and front fastenings definitely help and it still looks good on. 4.5 stars

Style: It is extremely comfortable, easy to ride in and very lightweight. I particularly like the double fastening at the front (zip and buttons) which gives a very smart finish. It is easy to clean, too, as well as being eye-catching, and a few other competitors have commented on how nice it looks. 5 stars

Value for money: A smart, quality competition jacket that looks and feels expensive, and is also well worth the money. 4.5 stars

Total: 14

2. Felix Bühler Competition Jacket Regine

RRP £89.90

Colours: Navy, black

Sizes: XS – XL


Fit: This is a lovely short cut jacket with a rounded front which gives a more balanced look when riding. It fits well – I wouldn’t say it is figure-hugging, but it is cut nicely and I have room to move. The sleeves feel long when I’m not in the saddle, but once on board they sit really well. 4.5 stars

The jacket is breathable and light, and it gives me room to move and ride my tests comfortably – in fact, I hardly feel like I have a jacket on. 4.5 stars

Style: The jacket hangs beautifully and doesn’t crease. I also really like the lace inserts as they make the Regine look expensive and are a welcome alternative to sparkle. The material has a lovely feel to it and a slight shimmer, too. The one thing I would change is the buttons, but overall it is a lovely product. 4.5 stars

Value for money: I think that it’s very good value for money as it certainly feels – and looks – more expensive than what it costs. 5 stars

Total: 14

3. Le Mieux Dynamique Show Jacket

RRP £220

Colours: Black, navy, graphite

Sizes: 6 – 18


Fit: This jacket is a shorter style, which to begin with I wasn’t sure about. However, once in the saddle it looks smart and the sizing is perfect for me – even the sleeves are long enough.

I find the jacket extremely comfortable – so much so that I forget I’m wearing it. The material feels good quality and doesn’t restrict my movement at all. I wear it for showjumping and dressage and I can honestly say that I love it. 5 stars

Style: The subtle bead trims on the edges of the pockets and the belt panel on the back add a nice touch of sparkle without being over the top. 4.5 stars

Value for money: Although the jacket is expensive, I would recommend it. It is so smart and comfortable – just check first that the shorter style is for you. 4.5 stars

Total: 14

4. Harry Hall Ladies Show Jacket

RRP £119.95

Colours: Navy blue, black

Sizes: XS – XXL


Fit: This is a very smart jacket that is made from a soft, lightweight material and it has proved very comfortable to ride in. It has a bit of stretch to it and a tailored cut. The sizing isn’t generous, so if you can it is worth trying it on before you buy. 4.5 stars

Style: The jacket features a little bit of bling on the collar and on the waistband at the back, which is just enough for me. 4.5 stars

Value for money: Overall, this is a nice, smart garment that is also really good value for money. It is machine washable too, which is another big plus. 4.5 stars

Total: 13.5

5. HY Equestrian Silvia Show Jacket

RRP £79.99

Colours: Navy, black

Sizes: XS – XL (adult), 7-8 years, 9-10 years, 11-12 years, 13-14 years, 15-16 years


Fit: This jacket is a lovely fit and it is nicely styled to compliment the figure. If the material had a little more stretch to it, it would be even better. 4 stars

Style: The material is light and breathable, and the addition of the perforated material inside the jacket aids airflow. The sleeves do, however, feel a little short on me and I find that the jacket is a little restrictive when I’m in the saddle. 4.5 stars

Value for money: The Silvia Show Jacket looks very smart, though, and at just under £100 I would say that it’s a fair price. 4.5 stars

Total: 13

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