A warm, waterproof coat is essential for any rider during the winter months and the LeMieux Loire Waterproof Riding Coat sounded the ideal addition to my winter wardrobe.

Taking the coat out of the packaging, I am awestruck by its beautiful colour. The spruce colour option has a stunning sheen and looks almost multicoloured, like petrol swirling in a puddle of water, when under certain lights.

The material feels shiny and almost silky and the zips, pockets and hood attachment look sturdy and well manufactured. It feels like a very well-made coat. The silky soft lining of the chest, neck and back on the inside of the coat are luxurious and mean you instantly feel warm and cosy.

Fit of the LeMieux Loire Waterproof Riding Coat

After putting on the LeMieux Loire Waterproof Riding Coat, I am pleased with the fit. I’m 5ft9 and it is long enough to cover my knees and offer that extra element of protection from the weather. It’s amazing how much warmer you stay when your legs are covered.

The LeMieux Loire Waterproof Riding Coat is nicely shaped at the waist and is slightly longer at the back of the coat to offer additional protection when riding. It isn’t the lightest long coat I’ve worn, but I wouldn’t say it is heavy either — it feels like a medium-weight coat while still offering plenty of flexibility.


During a particularly cold and wet spell at the yard, this coat performs brilliantly. It is almost too nice to wear at the yard, but I am keen to put it through its paces as a proper yard coat and can honestly say it does what it says on the tin.

It has been a super wet winter and the rain has seemed non-stop, but I’ve felt very confident wearing this coat and in the heaviest of downpours, I stay bone dry (it has a hydrostatic head test rating of 8000mm).

The LeMieux Loire Waterproof Riding Coat is very windproof — even the coldest drafts can’t penetrate it — and the silky material means it’s easy to wipe down when it gets splashed with mud when bringing the horses in from muddy fields.

I also wear it to muck out and tack up and it allows plenty of freedom of movement so that I can do those jobs comfortably. This coat is also perfect for standing on the sidelines early on a cold Saturday morning watching my son play football. No more turning into an icicle!

Comfort in the saddle

When riding, you can draw up the zip from the bottom of the coat so it is clear of the pommel on the saddle, and the elastic leg straps on the inside mean you can secure it in windy weather. The magnetic poppers at the back of the coat mean you can easily split the back opening to sit easily in the saddle, and then once you’re back on the ground, they snap back together.

The synthetic filling keeps me warm while in the saddle during a long, two-hour hack in the wind and rain, and even after washing, the filling bounced back and fluffed back up again. You have to get the zip in fully before trying to pull it up, otherwise it can be a bit sticky, but it is a very sturdy zip.

I like that you can remove the hood, which is easy to put on and take off.

Value for money

For a beautifully designed and reliable winter coat, £199.95 is great value for money. It’s not cheap but I know this coat will last me years and with all its technical features, it’s worth the extra spend.

Key information about the LeMieux Loire Waterproof Riding Coat

Colours: Spruce, Navy, Grey and Black

Sizes: 6-18

RRP £199.95

Purchase here

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