To stay safe out hacking, it’s important that both you and your horse are visible.

For the past four months, our testers have been putting different items of high-vis gear to the test. They have assessed each item for fit, effectiveness and value for money.

The items were also worn as an outfit and viewed from the driver’s seat of a car to give an overall verdict. This testing was carried out on a private road and the horse and rider were approached from in front and behind. The driver commented on what was noticeable from their perspective behind the wheel.

Each item of high vis for horse and rider is given a mark out of five for fit, effectiveness and value for money. This gives an overall score out of 15.

Multi-Coloured Leg Boots

RRP £18.99

Colours: Pink/ yellow, yellow/ orange, orange/ pink

Sizes: Pony, horse

Fit: A simple design that fits well on your horse’s legs or over brushing boots. The two touch-and-close straps have plenty of adjustment so you can get a secure fit. The material is soft and flexible and doesn’t restrictive movement. 5 stars

Effectiveness: These are really effective — the use of two colours and the movement of your horse’s legs makes you more visible to a driver. A simple but effective idea. 5 stars

Value for money: Excellent — a great idea. 5 stars

Total score: 15

Multi-Coloured Reflective Hat Band

RRP £13.99

Colours: Pink/ yellow, yellow/ orange, pink/ orange

Size: One size

Fit: The elastic inserts in the hat band make it quick and easy to fit — just slip it on to your riding hat. Once in place it stays there securely. 5 stars

Effectiveness: Simple and effective. The two colours are very visible. Wipes clean easily. 5 stars

Value for money: Good value for money. 5 stars

Total score: 15

Charlotte Dujardin Multi-Coloured Waistcoat

RRP £39.99

Colours: Pink/ yellow, pink/ orange, yellow/ orange

Sizes: S – XXL

Fit: An adjustable zip-up waistcoat that fits either over the top of a jacket or over a t-shirt when it’s warmer. The generous touch-and-close and adjustments means you can have it close fitting, or looser. 5 stars

Effectiveness: This is a lightweight mesh and waistcoat that you can use year-round. The difference colours seem to make you more visible. The two zip pockets are a useful addition. 5 stars

Value for money: Pricier than I expected but good quality and does the job well. 4 stars

Total score: 14

Breathable Mesh Quarter Sheet

RRP £44.99

Colours: Pink/ yellow, yellow/ orange, pink/ orange

Sizes: 5ft 6in – 7ft

Fit: A deep mesh quarter sheet that’s generous in size. The cob size fitted my two Thoroughbreds nicely (they usually wear 6ft 3in rugs). Two straps secure it to your saddle. The top strap was fiddly to attach to a monoflap saddle. 4.5 stars

Effectiveness: A great mesh sheet for warmer weather and the bright colours definitely get you noticed. A great piece of high vis kit. 5 stars

Value for money: Good value, practical and well made. 4 stars

Total score: 13.5

Multi-Coloured Reflective Neck Band

RRP £21.99

Colour: Pink/ yellow

Size: One size

Fit: Quick and easy to fit, and easily adjustable — I’ve used this on horses ranging from Warmbloods to Irish Draughts and it’s fitted them all. 5 stars

Effectiveness: A good addition to your high-vis gear, although not that visible to oncoming traffic as the horse’s head obscures it slightly. It’s clearly visible from the side. 4 stars

Value for money: Fair value. 4 stars

Total score: 13

Overall verdict

The use of two high-vis colours meant both horse and rider are clearly visible. The waistcoat and boots were noticed most by our driver. The mesh sheet was noticeable when approaching from behind, but the neck strap wasn’t as clearly visible as expected it to be.

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