I clip my mare through the winter, and wearing rugs 24/7, she gets quite scurfy and suffers from dry skin, so I was keen to try a hot wash solution to help remove excess dandruff and moisturise her skin, as well as post-clipping. I have to be careful what I use as, being a part-bred appaloosa, she has lots of sensitive pink skin that can react to some products. Being 100% organic, the 20/20 Equine Winter Wash sounded exactly what she needed.

First impressions

The bottle is pretty understated – white with a screw on lid and snazzy label, but the smell of the solution was fresh and soothing – a lovely lavender smell without being over powering. The lid is easy to remove and replace, and the bottle (1ltr) was an easy size to hold in one hand. 


I’ve used this product all winter, mostly after clipping to remove the grease, scurf and hair, and it works a treat. The best thing about it is that it is no rinse, so I don’t have to keep rinsing it off with lots of water meaning my mare dried quicker and didn’t get cold when the weather was freezing. I mixed a small dollop into a bucket of hot water and wiped her all over, and it really did lift the grease and leave her coat shiny and smooth, and smelling very fresh. I did use it to freshen up her mane and forelock and it left them soft and fluffy. There was no residue and thankfully her sensitive skin didn’t react. I love the fact that it is made from all natural ingredients and I like the idea of the oatmeal to help soothe the skin. It’s also great at freshening up her unclipped areas over her hindquarters and back with just a wipe over. They’re areas that I don’t want to get really wet as it takes ages to dry, but they do sometimes need a freshen up. 

Value for money

At £18.99 a bottle, there are cheaper washes available, but I’m happy to pay that bit extra for 100% organic ingredients that I know won’t irritate my mare’s sensitive skin. 

Important info

RRP £18.99 for 1 litre, £38 for 2.5 litres, £55 for 5 litres

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