I’m a freelance groom, which means I spend a lot of time outside in all weathers looking after and riding a number of different horses, mainly showjumpers. So finding a practical winter coat that is comfortable and not restrictive while also being able to keep me warm and dry no matter what the unpredictable British weather throws at, is a tall order. In fact, it’s fair to say that my search has been ongoing for years. Have I finally found what I need? I possibly have, in this Long Quilted Coat from Covalliero. 

The Covalliero Long Quilted Coat gets the thumbs up from our testerI’ve been testing this coat for the last four months; I first put it on in autumn and now we’re in the thick of winter, so it’s fair to say I’ve really put it through its paces. I’ve been on the yard in all weathers: rain, hail and wind. Usually I don’t want to take it off at the end of the day! I put it on when I first arrive on the yard and wear it all day whether I’m mucking out, riding or doing other general yard duties. So that’s the first thumbs up: it keeps me warm and dry, and it’s such a nice fit that I forget I’m wearing it. Ideal.

Fit and style

My second thumbs up is for the way the Covalliero Long Quilted Coat looks. I love it. It’s fair to say that this is one of the more stylish coats I’ve worn for everyday yard jobs and riding, lined with a floral design and shaped around the waist to flatter rather than add bulk. I’m quite tall at 5ft 8ins and the coat comes to just below my knee, so it keeps the back of my legs dry.

It’s completely black, which is a very useful colour when you get as dirty as I do, and I’ve had lots of compliments from others on the yard about how smart it is.

I sometimes find coats too bulky and restrictive, particularly in the winter when you have jumpers and layers underneath making mucking out or filling haynets uncomfortable, but I’ve not found that with this coat. Generally I put it on in the morning and completely forget I’m wearing it. An added plus is that the pockets are huge and I often put my car keys in there at the start of the day and forget they’re in there. They haven’t fallen out yet!

Covalliero Long Quilted Coat: how it performed

Out hacking wearing the Covalliero Long Quilted Coat under high vis clothing

Hacking in the Covalliero Long Quilted Coat and a lot of high vis

It’s a padded coat, so I’m nice and warm all day. I hate getting too warm when I’m riding, and I find the Covalliero Long Quilted Coat is enough when it’s cold and/or wet without loads of layers underneath. I’m roughly a size 16 and this is an XL, which I would say is true to size and is spacious enough for me to comfortably fit several layers underneath. Even with my thermals, jods and a big bum, I don’t feel restricted!   

When you ride, there are two slits to unzip so that the bottom of the coat doesn’t restrict you in the saddle, and there are elastic straps to do up around your thighs to keep them in place. These did the job pretty well. On one particularly gusty ride, I did find that the right side of the coat kept blowing up and I got a wet knee. It hasn’t done that since, though, so I suspect that was my fault for not doing it up correctly.

Covalliero describes this coat as being “water resistant up to a 5000mm water column” and I can confirm that that seems to be the case. It hasn’t let rain in yet — although I haven’t worn it in a thunderstorm and as it’s water resistant rather
than water proof I wouldn’t expect it to stand up to really heavy downpours. It comes with a detachable hood, which is handy. When this coat does get wet, it dries quickly. I can take this coat off after a rainy day, hang it up overnight and know that it’ll be completely dry in the morning, so no more soggy sleeves to put up with. 

The downsides

Leading a horse wearing the Covalliero Long Quilted Coat

Admiring our coats in the arena mirror!

If I really had to nit-pick, the zips are quite far back which isn’t always the most practical for riding. However, I do find the front zip stays put when I’m onboard and doesn’t slide open, which I have found with other riding coats due to my shape. Obviously black isn’t ideal for hacking on the roads so it needs to be teamed with plenty of hi-viz.

Otherwise, I really struggle to find anything about the Covalliero Long Quilted Coat that I don’t love. It’s a keeper!

Important information 

RRP £110

Sizes: S-L

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