An animal sanctuary in Wales is helping secure a safe future for abandoned ponies like foals Dylan and Bonito, who were rescued from desperate circumstances with their mothers.

Woodfield Animal Sanctuary came to Bonito and his mother’s aid after she was seen to be struggling to breathe. She had “blood pouring out of her nose” and required immediate veterinary attention.

The vet explored the issue and discovered she had facial cancer and it was decided it was kindest to put her to sleep.

Dylan’s dam was also rescued in a very poor condition. She was “totally emaciated” and had to be put down due to the severity of her health problems.

Thankfully the colts health improved under the care of Woodfield and they transformed into the happy youngsters they are today. They have paired up and formed a close bond.

“They are the best of friends and are looking fantastic,” said Robbie Bartington, who runs the sanctuary with her husband David Wallis. “They are both exceptionally stunning and are becoming a bit braver each day. We are delighted with them.”

Woodfield has rescued more than 300 ponies since it was founded nine years ago.

“The colts are not taken in to be castrated, so numbers are out of control, leading to many becoming emaciated and some injured in car accidents,”  Robbie told Your Horse..

This autumn, working with the Chairman of the Commoners, it plans to round-up and geld stallions running loose on the common. This project will be funded by the charity.

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