The October issue of Your Horse is on sale today! This month is packed full with all our usual expert advice, training exercises and horse care tips. This month’s gear guide is a rug special. To find out everything that’s included, read on…

Features you’ll enjoy…

  • The danger of head injuries, and the campaign raising awareness
  • A paramedic completes the #Hack1000Miles challenge in one go
  • Work/Horse Balance: BETA’s executive director Claire Williams shares how she juggles work and her two mares
  • Take Five with equestrian painter Madeleine St Pierre Bunbury

In Your Horse’s Training…

  • Ben Atkinson teaches you how to work your horse at liberty
  • Fix it: Get your horse ready for working in indoor arenas
  • Control your confidence by learning how to stop self-doubt creeping in using neuro-linguistic programming
  • Vikki Hayton provides advice on fine-tuning the basics to have you riding flying changes

In Your Horse’s Care…

  • Cover your horsey costs without worry or false economy
  • The lowdown on bedding options, from the most familiar to the least
  • #FitNotFat: Reap the rewards of winter riding
  • Why testing must replace regular worming

In Ask The Experts…

  • Cross country tips with international eventer Simon Grieve: Monitoring your speed; walking the course; controlling your speed safely
  • Travelling advice with chief executive of Equi-Trek Tom Janion: How to ascertain your car’s pulling power; are single-horse trailers safe?; how often should you take a break when travelling?
  • Riding counter-canter with BHS instructor and BD judge Vikki Hayton: How to introduce it; the benefits; when does counter-canter appear in tests?
  • Veterinary advice with vet Harriet Deeming: When wounds can be more serious than they look; cleaning minor wounds; your horse’s vital signs

Your Horse’s Gear: Rug special 

  • Top tips to fitting rugs and how to care for them
  • The latest turnout rugs to keep your horse dry
  • Stable rugs to keep your horse warm
  • The newest cooler rugs to ensure your horse is comfortable

Competitions to enter…

You could win:

  • Verdus kit worth £555
  • Movin’ and Groovin’ joint cookies from Equine Synergy

Where to buy your copy…