An Essential Veterinary Medicines List (EVML) formed by Brooke Ethiopia and partners has been endorsed by the Ethiopian government, helping to address gaps in the country’s animal health systems and prevent future pandemics.

Brooke’s research found that 100% of Animal Health Practitioners in Ethiopia had no access to pain relieving medications for animals, and 40% lacked basic supplies such as syringes and needles. This not only hinders vets from fulfilling their professional oath to protect animals from pain and disease, but puts humans at risk too.

Brooke hopes the list will provide animals with access to better, timelier and more standardised treatment to prevent the spread of zoonotic disease. Its creation coincides with Brooke’s wider work with the World Veterinary Association (WVA) to create the world’s first ever EVML for food producing animals.

The EVML also addresses Ethiopia’s shortages of quality and legitimate animal vaccines, medicines and other medical supplies that have led to problems like antimicrobial resistance.

“Brooke is proud and happy to lead this list of essential veterinary medicines to its first milestone, for a resource constrained country like Ethiopia,” said Dr Alemayehu Hailemariam, Head of Programme Development and Quality Assurance at Brooke Ethiopia.

“There is a long road ahead of us to distribute these much-needed medicines to improve the welfare and health of our animals”.

Since 2021, Brooke has been collaborating with the Ethiopian Veterinary Association (EVA) and the Ethiopian government to advocate for comprehensive animal health policies, better access to EVMs and improved veterinary diagnostics.

“Brooke would like to thank the Ethiopian government, veterinarians, reviewers and partners for their support in recognising this important achievement,” a charity spokesperson added.

Lead image by Bill Bradshaw

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