Young and old equestrians alike can expand their horsey knowledge by gaining insight from a new book, due to be published later this year. The Mind of a Horse combines comic-style illustrations and scientific facts on equine behaviour, health and training.

Coming out in November, the book is written by Dr Helena Telkänranta, who has a background as a research scientist in animal behavior and welfare, and is illustrated by Maija Karala and Ville Sinkkonen, who have also been involved in the scientific field.

Topics explored in the title include signs of pain and illness in horses, social behaviours and emotional capabilities of equines, and problem behaviors and training.

The Mind of a Horse is the world’s first book of science comics on animal behavior and welfare,” said a spokesman for the book. “Created by top scientists and artists, the book covers all the main aspects of horse welfare in a captivating manner. This is a unique way of making in-depth scientific knowledge easily accessible for any horse enthusiast.”

The 80-page book is published by Arador Publishing, part of the science communication and research company Arador Innovations Ltd, who say the title is suitable for teenage and adult equestrians, as well as animal lovers.

Now available for pre-order, the book can be purchased worldwide for €26, including shipping. Customers who place a pre-order will also receive an illustrated pdf guide on reading horses’ emotional states from their facial expressions.

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