More than a third of British drivers said they were annoyed by those that speed past horses, a survey has found.

The questionnaire, commissioned by, revealed that almost two in five (36%) said ‘not respecting horses and their riders’ was one of the worst driving habits motorists can commit.

In a list of 30 annoying driving habits, respondents ranked ‘not respecting horses’ as 13th in the top 20.

The poll of more than 1,000 drivers found that an individual’s driving habits might affect how they’re perceived by fellow road users.

Surveyed motorists said that they were more annoyed at disregard for horses compared to cyclists or pedestrians, who placed further down the list in 16th and 20th, respectively.

The sample included drivers aged between 17 and 55+ from across the United Kingdom.

Improving conditions

Those looking to improve their visibility on the roads may be interested in a new whip, featuring a safety flag, which is designed to guard against collisions involving riders. To find out more, click here.

Riders involved in any road incidents, including near-misses, are urged to report these happenings to the British Horse Society via the Horse ‘ app. The charity uses this data to help improve conditions for horses and riders on the roads, as well as for carriage drivers or those leading horses in-hand.

Equestrians can also share camera footage of road incidents with their local police force via the OpSnap initiative. The scheme aims to provide a more streamlined way for members of the public to submit video and photographic evidence relating to driving offences.

To find out more about OpSnap and the Horse i app, click here.

Lead image by Charlie Gooders Photography

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