An equine weight loss club, launched last year by Spillers, is raising thousands of pounds to help a charity rescue and care for more horses and ponies in need.

The community, which offers advice and support to owners helping their horses lose weight, has an added incentive. As the group’s weight loss accumulates, it will be converted to a financial donation of £5,000 to support Redwings Horse Sanctuary’s equine welfare work.

The club now has more than 3,800 members and collectively its horses and ponies have lost more than 25,000kg.

“Being overweight can pose as much of a welfare risk as being underweight for horses, not only because of the direct weight-associated effects, but also due to the increased risks posed for certain clinical conditions, especially laminitis,” said a Spillers spokesman. “Other health and welfare implications include increased joint strain, respiratory stress, heat intolerance, an increase in chronic low-grade inflammation in senior horses and reduced fertility.

“The team at Spillers are committed to helping owners help their overweight horses slim down. We launched the Spillers Slimmers’ Club last year to help address the problem of equine obesity in a positive way. Now, with more than 3,800 members, the motivating and friendly club provides practical support and camaraderie for owners of overweight horses and ponies, to aid them on their weight loss journey.”

If you are interested in joining the campaign and logging your horse’s progress, click here.

“We are determined to hit the scales with 100,000 kilos lost by the end of the year,” Spillers’ Product Manager, Sarah Nelson added. “Not only will this generate £5,000 to support our favourite charity’s vital equine welfare work, but it will also support owners of overweight horses and ponies in achieving safe, sustainable weight loss.”

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