Do you own a beloved golden oldie? If so, you may be interested in nominating them for a special gallery celebrating veteran horses and ponies.

Hosted by the SPILLERS brand, the team invite anyone who has a precious older equine companion to share their story. The best entries will be included in the feed brand’s new Golden Oldies Gallery.

“As a brand we are renowned for our commitment to the health and longevity of senior horses, which is why we want to share and celebrate your senior horse and pony stories,” said Bella Fricker, Senior Social Media Manager at Mars Horsecare, home of the SPILLERS brand. “Whether it’s an improved condition triumph, your tips for ultimate senior care or you simply want to share your oldie’s favourite SPILLERS Senior feeds we would love to hear from you.”

The best entries will appear in the Golden Oldies Gallery and also be shared across the brands’ social media platforms which have a combined following of more than 80,000 individuals

For the past 20 years the brand, via the WALTHAM Equine Studies Group, has been involved with numerous research collaborations to support the wellbeing, performance and longevity of senior horses and ponies. The journey began in the early 2000s investigating age-related changes in taste and feeding behaviour in stabled horses. Since then, research has extended to include nutrient digestibility, protein requirements, insulin response, gut microflora, travelling stress and PPID.

To submit your veteran, share your stories and pictures via email to by 30 September 2023.

To find out more about the SPILLERS range of senior feeds contact the Care-Line on 01908 226626 or visit

Image by Sarah Shephard

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