It’s that time of year when those of us with hairy horses or ponies start resembling woolly mammoths after a grooming session and the shedding of winter coats seems never ending. Our rare breed champion, Harry the Cleveland Bay is no stranger to this predicament, and in his latest cartoon, he shares how he and his horsey pal Tonto have been losing their fluff.

In recent weeks, just like our many Hack 1000 Miles challengers, Harry has been enjoying exploring the countryside with his owner Julie Roberts, and he’s also recently gone barefoot. He’s swapped his shoes for Scoot Boots, which Julie says Harry thinks are fab!

Harry and Tonto have been enjoying lots of grooming the field, which is great for a scratch and to aid the loss of molting winter coats, but Harry has been left looking slightly less elegant than usual…

Loved by royals

The Cleveland Bay is Britain’s oldest breed of horse. Loved by the royals, the Late Queen was instrumental in saving the breed in the 1960’s but its fate still lies in the balance. Today the Cleveland Bay is on the Priority list of the Rare Breed Survival Trust, meaning its numbers are dwindling.

The Cleveland Bay Horse Society is a charity that regulates, promotes and protects pure and part-bred Cleveland Bay horses. To find out more, click here.

We can’t wait to bring you the next cartoon of Harry on the Your Horse website in coming months, so please stay tuned and share these posts for greater awareness of this brilliant native breed.

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