A much-loved but at-risk native breed is hoped to be given a welcome boost thanks to a Cleveland Bay gelding named Harry.

Owner Julie Roberts and her artist friend Denise Le Breton will be sharing a series of cartoons featuring the loveable gelding on the Your Horse website, with the hope of raising awareness of the rare breed.

Harry is a seven-year-old who enjoys hacking and outings to local shows, with grand plans of attending bigger events in future to showcase his versatile breed.

“Harry and I have had lots of adventures together and I thought why not share some of these with Your Horse readers and help promote the breed,” Julie said. “I’ve always loved Cleveland Bays and owned them for years.

“Harry is a real ‘people person’ horse and he will follow you anywhere, but his most embarrassing dislike is sheep, which not great when we live in Wales,” she laughed. “He is getting better though.

“I hope Harry’s cartoons can help raise awareness of these horses and protect them for future generations.”

Harry the Cleveland Bay real life

Handsome Harry

Denise is a published Lake District cartoonist and illustrator who specialises in drawing dog cartoons. She has five published cartoon books featuring and inspired by her beloved border terrier, Sheldon.  Not restricted to dogs, Denise also does caricatures of people and other pets, and of course, Harry.

Her first creation for Your Horse – pictured below – depicts Harry’s dashing good looks and (understandable) self-pride!

Harry the Cleveland Bay February 2023

Britain’s oldest breed

Emanating from the Cleveland area of North East England, the Cleveland Bay is Britain’s oldest breed of horse. Loved by the royals, the Late Queen was instrumental in saving the breed in the 1960’s bu their fate still lies in the balance.

Today the Cleveland Bay is on the Priority list of the Rare Breed Survival Trust, meaning its numbers are dwindling. The Cleveland Bay Horse Society is a charity that regulates, promotes and protects pure and part-bred Cleveland Bay horses. To find out more, click here.

We can’t wait to bring you the next cartoon of Harry on the Your Horse website in coming months, so please stay tuned and share these posts for greater awareness of this brilliant native breed.

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