Last year recorded the lowest number of rotational falls in eventing, according to data revealed at the FEI Eventing Forum & National Safety Officers Seminar 2023.

The seminar highlighted fall statistics at international level since reporting started in 2004. The delegates also discussed standards for cross-country courses and the potential to make safety stirrups mandatory.

Olympian Staffan Lidbeck proposed the addition of penalties for displacing a flag, which was met with “overwhelming support”. Talking about the effect of such a new rule on the sport in Sweden, leading Eventing Technical Delegate and Course Designer Lars Christensson said, “I think it has made riders respect fences more, and they ride more correctly. We will be going the right way if we introduce this in the sport”.

The forum was moderated by American Olympian, FEI Board Member, Chair of the FEI Eventing Committee and USEF Chief of Sport, David O’Connor (pictured, top).

“By working together and in the same direction at both national and international level, we become increasingly effective from an educational, communications, procedural and standards perspective, and we know just how important this is to minimise risk within the sport, and increase engagement and appreciation for eventing,” he said.

Lead image by FEI

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