A new app function promises to improve your seat with the help of AI. Ridesum has billed the technology as “a game changer for every rider”, and its use requires only a smartphone and the app.

AI Seat Analytics offers “objective and detailed feedback” about your seat, which Ridesum says is suitable for equestrians of all abilities and requires no special sensors. To acquire the feedback, the rider submits a film of them in saddle, using their smartphone. The feedback provides them with analysis of their seat, together with suggestions of exercises that will help them improve.

“The service is a game changer for every rider’s seat and every horse’s longevity,” says Karl Svantemark, CEO of Ridesum. “This is an important step in our commitment to democratising and revolutionising rider training. With the help of AI, we can give riders the feedback they need to improve their seat and increase their horse’s longevity.”

Ridesum acquired the technology from Blackdog Biomechanics, creators of the Blackdog Equestrian AI app. Founded by Ilse Daly, who has a PhD in bioscience from the University of Bristol, the technology uses artificial intelligence-powered video analysis to identify and measure the movement patterns of the rider.

Ridesum is launching the AI-powered seat analysis function in its app this month (September 2023).

To find out more visit www.ridesum.com

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