This month’s round-up features a beautiful Welsh, a small cob and a sweet-natured mare. The ponies are currently in the care of Redwings Horse Sanctuary. Guardianship can be applied for via their website.


This 13.1hh, six-year-old, dun mare is a Welsh-type who is good to catch, groom and handle, and is suitable to rehome as a non-ridden companion. 

Lupin was rescued as a youngster with 12 other ponies from a site in Gloucestershire. In total, over 60 animals were removed, including sheep and cattle as well as the ponies, after the animals were found in terrible living conditions, with no food and water. 

She can become unsettled on a busier yard, or if her friends leave her, so would only be suited to be rehomed to an experienced Guardian on a quiet yard, where she always has equine companionship. 


Roy is a 12.2hh, eight-year-old, cob gelding. He has a sweet nature and has enjoyed life at Redwings Caldecott, meeting and enjoying attention from the charity’s visitors. 

Roy takes confidence from his handler and thrives with one-to-one handling. He is good to catch, lead and groom and is friendly with other horses and ponies. Roy can become stressed when left alone so would only be suitable to a home where he will always have companionship. 


This good-natured mare (picture pending!) is looking for a home as a non-ridden companion. She is a 13hh, six-year-old, cob mare. 

Redwings Swift is easy to handle and is good to catch, lead and groom. She is happy to be stabled with others, has been turned out with both mares and geldings, and will be a “lovely edition to any home”.

Due to her laid-back nature, it is possible that Swift could be left alone for short periods of time, making an ideal companion to a ridden horse. 


Redwings Lara, a 14.2hh, eight-year-old, sweet-natured Standardbred mare is looking for a home as a non-ridden companion. She was rescued as a youngster, severely underweight and with substantial parasite infections.

Thanks to her training at Redwings, this beautiful mare is now good to handle, catch, lead and groom. She can be a little unsure in new surroundings but with time, reassurance and understanding, she does soon settle. 

Lara is happy to come into a stable at night or live out 24/7 with mares or geldings. Lara is a very loving and honest mare who will make a great addition to any home where she will be loved and given plenty of attention and fuss.

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