A pony who was beaten with a plastic pole in a supermarket car park in Lancashire has now found a loving forever home where she is helping young people develop life skills.

Bramble was hit by her owner more than a dozen times to ‘teach her a lesson’. The incident was captured on camera by onlookers who filmed the incident.

RSPCA Inspector Will Lamping investigated the footage and rescued Bramble, the yearling filly, who was underweight with prominent shoulders, backbones and ribs, clearly visible.

She was also kept in a stable covered in faeces and plastic bags and there was ivy growing at the back. She had no clean area or bedding to stand on or feed available to her and she was also seen chewing wood.

Bramble was rescued by the RSPCA where she was rehabilitated and then rehomed to the British Horse Society’s Second Chance scheme. This is a joint venture between the RSPCA and the horse charity which gives a second chance to rescued horses by rehoming them to BHS Approved Centres running the BHS’ Changing Lives through Horses scheme.

Bramble now lives at Queen Mary’s School in North Yorkshire.

“Bramble is settling into her new home,” said Alice Clennan, Queen Mary’s School equestrian centre manager. “She is thriving in her new setting and is loved by all the pupils at Queen Mary’s Equestrian Centre. It is wonderful to be able to provide this opportunity.”

For more information on riding services offered by Queen Mary’s School, click here.

The RSPCA has launched a campaign to ‘Cancel Out Cruelty’ as figures released show that the charity receives a rise of 50 extra calls every day about cruelty to animals during the summer months. To help support the RSPCA, click here.

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