Road safety group Pass Wide and Slow (PWAS) has high hopes for this year’s awareness rides, with hopes of as many as 300 groups of riders taking part.

From its beginnings in 2017, PWAS has encouraged riders and carriage drivers to take part in their annual awareness rides. In the first year, 20 groups took part and they helped spread the message of taking car passing horses on the roads, and how to do so safely. Since then, the awareness rides have gone on from strength-to-strength with more than 200 taking place last year.

Earlier this week, Your Horse reported that PWAS had successfully campaigned for buses to share riding road safety messages, with the vehicles heading out in September. The bus campaign will coincide with this year’s awareness rides, taking place on 16 and 17 September, 2023.

PWAS is urging as many people as possible to take part in this ride. To join an existing ride, take a look at the current planned groups here. For more information on organising your own ride, send a message via the Pass Wide and Slow Facebook group.

What’s more, taking part in an awareness ride can count towards the recently relaunched Your Horse Hack 1000 Miles challenge, so even more reason to take part. It’s free to join, and hacking, driving or walking your horse in hand all count towards the goal.

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