Buses across will be helping spread road safety awareness around horses, thanks to a new advertising campaign from campaign group Pass Wide and Slow (PWAS).

35 buses will share the PWAS message in selected regions across the UK from 4 September to 1 October. The advertising will coincide with the annual September PWAS awareness ride and drives that will be happening nationwide. 

PWAS is a campaign striving to raise awareness and educate drivers how to pass horses, riders and carriage drivers safely in line with the Highway Code. The initiative is headed by Debbie Smith, the founding member and stalwart campaigner. 

The initial idea for a bus advertising campaign came from PWAS Facebook group member Jewels Wood who researched the possibility of placing adverts on buses and thanks to donations from members of the group this idea is set to become reality. 

Along with the £1,868 PWAS are donating to the cause, and with the help of many members of Debbie Smith’s Facebook group, money raised in memory of Margaret Snowden (nee Margaret Lamb) one of PWAS Ride organisers who died earlier this year, they have raised enough to place adverts on 35 buses. 

Without the support of many hundreds of members both home and away, generously willing to donate to this campaign during what, for many, is a difficult cost of living crisis, this idea would have stalled. Instead, it has blossomed into reality,” said said a PWAS spokesman. 

For a full list of the bus routes the advertising will be included in, click hereFor more information, visit the PWAS Facebook page.