A Riding for the Disabled (RDA) group is appealing for support to purchase a new horse, after they lost their much-loved Welsh cob Sam last year.

Sadly Sam passed away due to colic in October and has left a huge gap at Parklands RDA. Alison Ramseier, founder and coach, told Your Horse of Sam’s a wonderful personality and how he would stick his tongue out for his favourite treat of banana chips.

Sam was able to provide therapy to adults and was the largest horse on their yard. He provided a safe mount for riders with complex needs, while also being able to pop a fence with more able jockeys.

Riders who used to ride Sam have been taking part in ground sessions with smaller ponies until they are able to return to the saddle on a new horse.

Sam is greatly missed. Credit: Parklands RDA

Parklands has opened a fundraising page to help them secure a special equine to suit the needs of their riders. The horse needs to have a suitable temperament, while being fit and ready to provide sessions.

Alison said it can be challenge finding something that meets all these requirements.

“These horses are like gold dust,” she said. “They need to have the perfect temperament and be ready to go.”

To date, the funding page has raised over half of the £12,000 target. Alison is hoping they can reach the full amount as soon as possible so ridden sessions can resume.

To support the appeal, click here.

Lead image of Sam. Credit: Parklands RDA

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