A father and daughter have shared the story of the serious road collision they were involved in, with hopes to improve safety for riders.

Paige and David Topley were hacking near Evesham when they were hit by a pick-up truck and Paige’s horse Gary (Garrettstown) was fatally injured.

The pair appeared on BBC Midlands Today to share their story.

“We could hear this truck motoring towards us, but he didn’t break until he got beside me, then the back end of his truck swung out and that’s what took Gary’s back end out,” Paige said.

Gary was fatally injured in the collision and Paige hasn’t ridden on the roads since.

“I was flung into a car coming in the opposite direction so I was very lucky to get away with a few minor injuries here and there, but the biggest pain was the heartbreak of losing Gary,” she said.

David said he thought he and Paige were going to die.

“We were that scared we were shaking like a leaf,” he told the BBC. “These horses mean the world to us, they are part of us.”

The man who hit Paige’s horse pleaded guilty for driving without due care and attention and was given nine points on his licence.

The British Horse Society (BHS) is campaigning for change with its Dead Slow campaign. Paige is supporting the campaign educating drivers to pass horses safely on the roads.

Find out more about the BHS campaign here

Lead image by copyright: Kelsey Media/Matthew Roberts

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