Owners have been reminded to limit their equines’ grazing this summer, as the wet, warm weather is proving ideal conditions for lush grass to grow. Many ponies, who would normally be living on sparse pastures, are in real danger of developing conditions such as laminitis if they allowed access to too much of this grass.

Bransby Horses’ welfare team has offered advice to owners who have reached out for help and want to remind everyone they are there to assist if they are struggling to manage.

“We have seen so many ponies on lush grazing at a time when the hot weather would normally have burnt off some of the grass,” said Welfare campaigns officer Rachel Dixon. “There are ways to manage this, with track systems and different turnout techniques, which we are more than happy to advise on if people are not sure where to start.”

Click here to read our advice on limiting grazing, how to implement a track grazing system, or how to use a grazing muzzle. We also share expert advice into helping prevent your horse or pony from getting laminitis.

Anyone can contact the Bransby Horses Welfare line on 01427 787369 for advice, or if they are concerned about an horse or pony in need. Bransby also hosts information events for horse owners and carers, where experts share their insight. To find out what’s on and how you can attend, click here.

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