An unusual breed, rarely seen in the United Kingdom, caught the eye of the judge and scooped first place at Equifest earlier this month.

Patroclo Di Capo Iazzo, a three-year-old Murgese from the South of Italy won the In Hand World Breeds class at the East of England Showground on 19 August

The 15hh gelding is one of four three-year-old Murgese imported in April this year by Carl and Fiona Haynes of Summerfield Farm in Tilbrook, Cambridgeshire. 

Patroclo was shown by Katie Oswald

The breed is found in the Puglia region of Southern Italy, who the pair came upon by chance. After a few trips to Italy to see the horses, they made the decision to buy as they felt the Murgese “has so much to offer the UK equestrian scene”.

“The temperament and personality of the Murgese is key to its growing success as an all-round versatile riding and driving horse,” said Carl. “It is well mannered, kind natured and willing. These characteristics combined with a strong and muscular conformation that is both elegant and athletic present a horse that is well equipped for all equestrian disciplines.”

In Italy, Murgese are increasingly used as police horses, but they have also shown their ability to perform at the highest level, like Blue roan Murgese, Carletto, a grand prix dressage horse in the Netherlands.

He was brought to the UK with three other Murgese geldings

The Haynes’ Murgese geldings Patroclo, Parker, Pastrengo and Positano are currently being backed and prepared for riding.

“We are confident our Murgese will fly the flag for this remarkable breed and prove to be safe, genuine horses for their future owners,” added Fiona.

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