Twenty five riders have completed the 2023 Mongol Derby, with Swedish rider Linda Hermann coming out on top. The highest placed British rider was Holly Conyers, who was also the Gaucho Derby 2022 joint champion.

The “world’s toughest horse race” takes place across the Mongolian Steppe and involves a 1,000km test of endurance, riding semi-wild steeds, who are changed every 40km. The 12th edition of the challenge brought together riders from 11 countries – the USA, UK, Spain, Kenya, Sweden, Germany, Pakistan, Australia, Ireland, Philippines, and Canada.

Of the 42 riders that started, only 25 completed the race in its entirety, while additional seven passed over the finish line, but had missed one or more stations along the way.

Holly (pictured) was raising money for Fundación Tierras Patagónicas a foundation seeking to preserve the Patagonian environment, alongside The Equestrianists official charity, Steppe & Hoof

Linda finished shortly after noon on the ninth day of the race. After a tense vet check, where she faced penalisation if her horse failed to pass, she received the nod from head vet Anna and it was confirmed that she was the overall winner.

The riders set off on Thursday 3 August and finished nine to ten days later. Seven riders finished the same day as Linda (Friday 11 August), while the remaining 18 completed the following day (Saturday 12 August).

To find out more about the Derby and to find out how to apply for a place in the 2024 race, visit

Image by Mongol Derby

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