Three horses from the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment ran loose through London yesterday morning (Monday 1 July). This follows the serious incident in April when a group of horses bolted through the capital and two were seriously injured, but thankfully now recovering.

On Monday, the horses were being taken on their morning exercise when three broke free from their riders and handler. Footage has been shared of the horses running through the streets by a black cab driver.

They ran from Seville Street to South Eaton Place, where one horse was captured. The other two horses continued to Vauxhall Bridge via Belgrave Road before also being caught.

The service animals were not seriously injured and the soldiers were unharmed.

“We can confirm that whilst exercising this morning, three horses from the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment became loose from their riders,” an Army spokesperson said. “They were swiftly and safely recovered.

“One horse received minor injuries, but no further treatment is required and there were no injuries to the soldiers involved”.

The group were reportedly among a group of six taking their morning exercise. The trio allegedly broke free when they were spooked by a bus.

The loose horses included the horse who had been leading the exercise, who was being lead and broke free from their handler, and two following ridden horses, who unseated their riders.

They were returned to Hyde Park Barracks by 9.55am. None of the horses involved in yesterday’s incident were those who made the headlines after breaking free earlier in the year.

Lead photo: Library image by Shutterstock

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