A remarkable police horse, who was awarded a medal for his bravery, has been retired following 15 years of service.

Livingstone started his career with the mounted branch when he entered training in 2008 and has never looked back. Since then, the talented horse attended hundreds of football matches and ceremonial events. He also served at the late Queen’s funeral.

Following ‘exemplary performance’ at the riots in London in 2011, Livingstone was even awarded a medal for outstanding bravery, the PDSA Order of Merit.

“It was a privilege to have Police Horse Livingstone part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations,” said a spokesman for the Met Task Force. “He is the last serving police horse of 10 awarded the PDSA Order of Merit for bravery during the 2011 London riots.”

The handsome gelding is now retiring to Wales, to enjoy a quieter life for his golden years.

“Livingstone, you’re relieved from duty, with our utmost thanks,” the spokesman added.

Lead image of Livingstone by Kingston Police

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