Are you looking for inspiration to hack more this summer? We all know the many benefits of hacking a horse for mental and physical wellbeing, but sometimes we can find it hard to feel motivated when juggling riding with our busy lives. However, a British Horse Society (BHS) initiative could help you clock up the miles while helping to protect our precious bridleways.

The Rideathon Challenge encourages riders to cover 25km or more in July, and is a great way of helping add to your #Hack1000Miles total. Participants are encouraged to raise sponsorship funds, which will go towards the charity’s work to protect off-road routes for riders.

“The money you raise will help to keep riders off the roads and restore multi-user routes that can be enjoyed by everyone,” said a BHS spokesperson. “With hundreds of horse and rider injuries on the road reported to us each year, it is more vital than ever to ensure safe off-road access for equestrians.”

Funds raised will go towards improvements to bridleways, like restoring damaged surfaces, reopening blocked routes and repairing or replace gates and fencing.

“Currently, horse riders only have access to 22% of the off-road access network and carriage drivers only have access to 5%,” they continued. “Your money will help us to preserve, restore and reinstate routes across the UK, as well as defend endangered rights of way.”

To take part, riders need to set up a JustGiving page and choose a distance of their choice – 25km, 50km, 75km, or 100km are the suggested targets. Riders and carriage drivers are welcome to join the challenge.

There is no minimum amount of fundraising required and those who complete the challenge will receive a Rideathon rosette.

To find out more, click here.

Lead image by Charlie Gooders Photography

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