A Dutch warmblood mare whose foal was stillborn has been given the chance to be a mother again thanks to a rejected gypsy colt.

Jazzabelle’s (Jazzy) owner, Australia-based Sarah Brayshaw shared her mare’s story, proving that hope can be found in even the darkest places.

Jazzy’s foal by Jovian arrived stillborn, to the mare and Sarah’s heartbreak, and to make matters even more distressing, Jazzy herself became unwell.

Days later, Sarah received a call that a youngster was in desperate need, after his mother rejected him, and they asked if Jazzy may be able to help this foal.

Sarah agreed and the gypsy cob colt was introduced to Jazzy. Despite the unusual pairing, the leggy mare and the youngster, who “looked more like a tiny fluffy puppy” according to Sarah, bonded quickly and soon began to thrive.

The pair were able to enjoy their first pick of grass together while Fury, as the youngster has been named, playfully leapt alongside his adopted mother.

Jazzy and Fury. Credit: Leigh Church

Sarah told Your Horse the pair were doing very well, “progressing beautifully and in love”.

“I have never seen anything like it – the maternal instinct of this incredible mare to love, protect, feed and nurture another horse’s offspring, one that looks more like a tiny fluffy puppy rather than a leggy Dutch warmblood foal – has been a sight to behold!” she said. “Even hardened professionals have shed tears of joy and wonder.

“I’m not going to see him on the world dressage stage, but my heart is full for helping Jazzabelle, giving another foal life and doing something special unconditionally for another human being – a perfect strange – who was also desperate to save her foal.”

Lead image by Louisa Smith, Leigh Church and Sarah Brayshaw

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