A much-loved Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary resident has returned home after a bout of serious colic. Rupert was treated at Liphook Equine Hospital and is now recovery at the sanctuary following successful treatment.

Charity team members Nick and Sandy collected Rupert from Liphook, taking a ferry from Gunwharf, and despite a lengthy crossing due to a medical emergency on another boat, they eventually made it back to the island.

Staff said Rupert was making good progress and were grateful to all those who helped him recover.

“Rupert was greeted by staff and volunteers that have been missing him, along with some of the people that played a massive part in getting him on to the ferry during our plea for help,” said a charity spokesman.

Among the welcome party were the Mills family, who work at Wightlink and helped ensure Rupert could travel as quickly as possible. They were joined by Sarah Jane Whitter who helped ensure Rupert could be loaded onto the ferry with ease.

“They were all as thrilled as we are to see him return home and looking healthy,” added the charity spokesman. “We will never be able to fully express our gratitude to all of our supporters and the entire community in the way that everyone came together to get Rupert the help he needed.

“We will continue to monitor him, but are really hopeful that he has made a full recovery.”

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