The military working horses from The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment are enjoying a well-deserved break in the Leicestershire countryside. At the end of the Summer Ceremonial Season, the horses are able to have rest and recuperation after a particularly busy year.

“It is important that the horses are given the opportunity to rest and recuperate during periods when the pace of ceremonial activity lessens,” said Trooper Dandie of The Life Guards, Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment. “2023 has been a very busy year and it’s time to give the majority of the horses the opportunity to re-charge their batteries.”

Corporal of Horse Jones from The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment is the Equitation Officer overseeing the mass move to the countryside of horses from The Life Guards in Hyde Park Barracks, Knightsbridge.

“It is important that the horses are given an opportunity to rest and recuperate in the countryside,” he said. “Moving large numbers of horses out of the city to run free for several weeks also allows the majority of the soldiers in the Regiment to also take some holiday after an incredibly busy and unprecedented year.”

A remarkable year

On top of mounting the daily King’s Life Guard 24/7 at Horse Guards in Whitehall, this year The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment has also delivered:

  • A Sovereign’s Escort through London for The King and Queen for their Coronation
  • Daily performances of the Musical Ride at The Royal Windsor Horse Show
  • The Sovereign’s Escort for The King’s first official Birthday Parade, Trooping The Colour
  • The Musical Ride at the Concours Hippique International Officiel at Aachen in Germany in front of an audience of 20,000 people
  • A Sovereign’s Escort down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh for the ceremony of the Presentation of the Honours of Scotland to The King

Images by Sgt Todd British Army

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