A three-year-old chestnut mare – “living her best life” with equine charity Horse Sense Wirral – is barely recognisable from the emaciated yearling she once was.

Heather arrived at the sanctuary in 2021 during a “terrible storm” on the Carneddau Mountains in Snowdonia, Wales. She was emaciated, had deformed legs and a serious case of rain scald, which has become infected.

Heather was emaciated and had a serious case of rain scald when she was rescued

“Many people on social media said she needed to be euthanised,” Horse Sense’s Wendy told Your Horse.

Despite her future appearing bleak to some, the Horse Sense team didn’t give up on Heather.

“As with all new arrivals, she was seen by our vets on arrival and after lots of TLC, the correct nutrition and gentle exercise she bloomed into a beautiful flower,” Wendy explained. “She is now three years old and living her best life.”

Heather now lives alongside the charity’s herd of rescued horses and ponies.

Horse Sense and its dedicated team of volunteers have been caring for equines and small animals in need since 2009. The registered charity provides aid to animals across Wirral, Cheshire and North Wales.

It rehomes animals where possible, and provides a home for life for those who are unsuitable for rehoming, for instance due to complicated veterinary requirements.

To find out more and to support the charity, click here.

Heather is thriving today

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