Almost half of riders surveyed by Your Horse wear a camera when hacking, citing the need for evidence if they were involved in an incident as a reason for this choice.

The anonymous survey revealed 48.2 percent of equestrians chose to record their rides, while more than a third (37.6 percent) said that although they did not currently wear a camera, they would consider doing so in the future.

The reasons riders attributed to camera-use included irresponsible road and bridleway users, the need for evidence to back up police reports and as a deterrence to discourage other road users passing too fast or close. Riders said they felt safer knowing the camera was there.

Others added there was an element of fun to watching back footage of a positive hacking experience.

“I’ve used it on several occasions to report incidents while I’m riding on the road, like motorists passing too fast, close or overtaking when unsafe to do so and putting other road users at risk,” said one rider.

Another said they felt they were taking a “massive risk” riding on the roads, and that was why they recorded their hacks.

“Having evidence of bad driving, cycling or dog behaviour, should it occur, is now required,” they said. “I also find people’s attitudes towards me and my horse while riding is often very different to when I don’t wear a camera. Attitudes are mostly better but on occasion worse. If anything was to happen, I want evidence of fault.”

Some said they chose not to purchase a camera as the cost was prohibitive, especially for lightweight, high-performing models, as well as concerns about battery life and the time it would take to upload footage.

“They are quite expensive and it is something else I would have to look after and maintain,” said one rider. “I’m already so busy every day.”

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