The Spring issue of Your Horse is on sale now and it’s a bonding special — plus don’t miss our ultimate 18-page guide to retraining an ex-racehorse.

Find out what’s inside…


  • 12 things you can do now in order to be the owner your horse wants you to be.
  • Equine Hanna Somatics: all about the therapy that improves the connection between your horse’s muscles and nervous system, and can help to grow your bond.

In our ex-racehorse special…

  • Inspiring and honest real-life stories from riders who have taken an off-the-track Thoroughbred and retrained him/her for a second career.
  • RoR specialist Clare Poole explains the steps you need to take in order to re-educate an ex-racehorse for a completely new way of being ridden.
  • How to help your ex-racehorse adapt to his new life and living arrangements so that it’s as stress-free as possible for you both.
  • Advice for changing the diet of an ex-racehorse correctly, so that they get all the nutrients they require without fizzing up.

Key features…

  • If you’re involved in an incident and not wearing high-vis, could it be argued that you were partially liable? Yes — equine solicitor Rebecca Stojak explains the potential implications of not wearing high-vis when riding on the road.
  • A day in the life of a Labour councillor: how she juggles a political career and owning a horse.
  • Rhea Freeman’s social media column: why it’s not the number of followers you have that’s important, but who they are that really counts.
  • Take five with Felix Francis: the author and son of champion-jockey-turned-fictional-crime-writer Dick talks about ‘doing a Devon Loch’ and discussing murder over the family breakfast table.

In Your Horse’s Training…

  • Dressage rider and trainer Kate Cowell explains how she manages and trains her Grand Prix dressage horse — and why it’s relevant to your horse’s training too.
  • Fix it: showjumping canter — Laura Renwick explains how to spice up a lacklustre canter so that your horse pings over every fence.
  • Get to grip with skinny fences without leaving your own arena/training field. JP Sheffield explains how.
  • Learn to see a stride with Piggy March’s six-stride training system — all you need is a single pole.

In Your Horse’s Care…

  • How a rescue pony with a suspected broken jaw had her life transformed when an equine dental technician diagnosed and treated the most severe shear mouth they had ever seen.
  • Field SOS: a land management expert explains how to bring your fields back to green, lush grazing after a long, wet winter.
  • #FitNotFat: vet advice for limiting your horse’s weight gain this spring.

In Ask The Experts…

  • Feeding: how to prevent a good doer getting laminitis; helping a cob lose weight; feeding to improve hoof and coat health.
  • Lateral work: the most effective exercises to incorporate into your training; how to get started on an inexperienced mount.
  • Vet care: how to get a hoof poultice to stay in place; taking the temperature of a horse who doesn’t like rectal thermometers; first aid kit essentials.
  • Behaviour: help for horses who are hard to catch; how to maximise time spent with your horse, even when you’re racing the clock;  how to help a spooky mount become braver.

In Your Horse’s Gear…

  • 11 pairs of riding rights tried and tested and assessed for fit, performance and value for money.
  • Latest plaiting kit essentials.
  • Buyer’s Guide to spring clothing: the latest fashion trends to help you update your riding wardrobe this season.

Competitions to enter…

  • Win a tack and gear bundle from Equipe worth over £1,000!
  • Plus fly control goodies and a competition outfit.

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