Do you compete your horse barefoot? Our rare breed champion Harry the Cleveland Bay recently ditched his shoes and is adapting well to the change. His owner, Jules, is looking to enter some shows, but is unsure which are best for barefoot horses, and which allow them to compete, so she would be very grateful for any comments or advice. We’re sure she’ll find she’s spoilt for choice, as we know lots of you have barefoot horses, with many taking on our Hack 1000 Miles challenge.

This month Harry has been enjoying attention from his human carers, particularly with his hoof trimmer Chris Hughes of Parkers Equine. He’s been finding this so relaxing that he’s been partial to a snooze on Chris, as depicted his most recent cartoon. Does your horse also get sleepy when having their hooves trimmed or being shod?

“Harry is doing well so far, but it would be interesting to know the sorts of things readers with barefoot horses get up to,” said Jules. “We are starting to look at shows with Harry and I’m aware that some won’t let horses be ridden if not shod. I’m interested to know if people think it’s time to change or should horses be shod in certain events and shows?”

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section of this post on social media, or get in touch with Jules via Harry’s Facebook page.

Harry started sharing his cartoons earlier this year, with the wish of promoting his rare native breed, the Cleveland Bay. The illustrations are created by Jules’ friend, artist Denise Le Breton. Emanating from the Cleveland area of North East England, the Cleveland Bay is Britain’s oldest breed of horse. Loved by the royals, the Late Queen was instrumental in saving the breed in the 1960’s bu their fate still lies in the balance.

Today the Cleveland Bay is on the Priority list of the Rare Breed Survival Trust, meaning its numbers are dwindling. The Cleveland Bay Horse Society is a charity that regulates, promotes and protects pure and part-bred Cleveland Bay horses. To find out more, click here.

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