A blind mare has adapted to her new life at an equine rescue centre, thanks to the help of a faithful field companion.

Twenty-year-old warmblood Dasie was taken in by Hampshire Spirit Horse Rescue when her elderly owner was taken into hospital. He knew the hospital stay would be lengthy, so regrettably had to rehome his beloved horse as he would no longer be able to take care of her himself.

Daisie’s eyesight had worsened in her previous home, so she was already aware of her surroundings and able to find her way around. However,once she was moved to the Hampshire sanctuary, it became clear she could see very little. She was walking into her water buckets and staff feared she would walk into the electric fence securing her paddock.

Daisie also had a leg wound, which she had sustained in a fall in her previous home. Vets treated the injury and assessed the extent of Daisie’s blindness. They found she was completely blind in one eye and had very limited vision in the other.

To help prevent her from walking into electric fencing, Daisie was moved her to a post and rail paddock and was introduced her to another rescue pony, Morena. The pair were kept together and staff said Morena was very tolerant of Daisie and helped guide her round the area.

Due to Daisie’s complex needs, the team decided it was in her best interests to remain at the sanctuary for the rest of her life. She was paired with fellow lifelong resident, Ben, and the duo have become firm friends.

“Ben is the best companion to most horses, but he has brilliant senses and really guides Dasie,” Kaylie Parker, Trustee at Hampshire Spirit Horse Rescue, told Your Horse. “He always makes sure he is on her blind side and guides her around the paddock. He’s gentle and lets her bump into him and constantly touch him so she knows he is there. It is a perfect match for Dasie.”

The charity is now raising funds to reinforce Daisie’s fencing so she is extra secure, and to purchase a large field shelter for Daisie and Ben to use to protect them from the elements. You can support the fundraiser by clicking here.

Hampshire Spirit Horse Rescue survives entirely on donations from its supporters. To find out more about the registered horse and pony rescue charity, click here.

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