Two #Hack1000Miles challengers drew plenty of attention in our Hack 1000 Miles Facebook group when they posted photos of them hacking out with a friend — and their friend brought along a deer.

Kat Stark posted the images of Prancer, a wild Roe deer, following the ride with pal Julie Cameron.

“I’ve seen her out and about with other riders before, but this was the first time I’ve actually met Prancer,” said Kat, who was leading Harley, a 10-year-old cob x Clydesdale.

Kat added that she was “pleasantly surprised” by how well the horses behaved around Prancer.

“They were a bit unsure at first; my horse felt like he grew from 14.3hh to 16hh when he first saw her, but eventually they accepted her. We rode for about an hour, and covered around three miles. Harley even started to nudge her when she was moving in front of him.”

Move along! Part Clydesdale Jack nudges Prancer

Prancer is a former therapy deer who kept wandering away from home.

“Prancer has made her home at our friend’s yard. Sometimes she chooses to follow along on her rides,” said Kat, who preferred not to name her friend. “The yard let her do her own thing, but they do look after her. They feed her and make sure she’s well.”

Prancer lives in the fields around the yard and likes the company of the horses. She roams freely, but enjoys following horses out for hacks. Even road traffic doesn’t faze the animal.

“She’ll jump over fences just to be able to tag along,” said Julie, whose horse is a 12-year-old called Jack.

Understandably, the quartet attracted stares from passing vehicles on the quiet country road.

“A few cars passed; we just made sure they slowed down and gave Prancer plenty of time to move past,” says Kat. “The drivers did seem to be gobsmacked as well!”

This was the first time that both riders had met Prancer and Julie said that hacking alongside a deer was “a great experience”.

“It was such a great experience having her there,” she said. “I took photos and videos as it’s such a unique experience that not many people will ever get to have.

“I did pat her, but she was definitely more connected to the horses.”

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