Hacking images are regularly shared in our Hack 1000 Miles Facebook group, and every now and then one takes our breath away. So this year, Your Horse teamed up with Equisafety to give a prize to the best hacking photo shared each month between April and October.

Check out the winning shots below…

April winner: Oh deer!

This image of Prancer, a wild deer, joining Kat Stark’s hack was a clear winner.

“The horses were a bit unsure at first, but then they accepted her,” said Kat. “We covered around three miles. My horse, Harley, even started to nudge her when she was moving in front of him.”

Prancer lives in local fields. She roams freely, but enjoys following horses out for hacks — even road traffic doesn’t faze her!

May winner: a glorious sea view

Andrea Rees enjoyed some enviable views while riding around the Gower in south west Wales.

Andrea was on holiday and this particular ride was 22 miles long.

June: what a beautiful scene

We love this image taken by Jane Taylor while hacking at Royd Moor Reservoir, near Penistone in South Yorkshire.

Her chestnut mare, Cassie, gleams in the sun.

July winner: sunset views

“I was spellbound by the magic of this setting,” said Linda Joseph, pictured here overlooking Ullswater at sunset.

“My horse Foxy also seemed to be affected by the calmness, as he stopped pawing and just gazed across the lake with me.”

August winner: a dip at first light

Kirsty Cyprus had an early start to reach this East Suffolk beach at first light.

“I had to get up at 4am!” said Kirsty, who completed the Hack 1,000 Miles challenge with her 24-year-old cob Charlie.

“This moment was one of our highlights.”

September winner: ‘Such special horses’

Rebecca Clarke had wanted to ride a heavy horse for a long time, and the opportunity finally arose.

“I have always loved the heavier breeds,” said Rebecca, who is pictured riding with close friend Sandy Shepherd.

“We had been talking about doing it for years, so we thought ‘sod it’ and just booked it, and then all of a sudden we were there,” added Rebecca, who works as a dental nurse.

“Who doesn’t want to gallop on the beach on such special horses?”

October winner: a hack with splendid views

The only thing that’s better than hacking, is hacking with splendid views. That’s what Jane Ballinger did in October, when she piloted Welsh section C Debbie near Llangollen in North East Wales.

“Years ago we would ride 1,700 miles a year, but we’re a little more sedate now,” said Jane, 50. “But we’ll still do 15 miles in a ride, no problem.

“Debbie is 31 and gives the youngsters a run for their money.”

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