World Horse Welfare has welcomed the newly published vision for ensuring the future involvement of horses in sport and draft recommendations put forward by the Equine Ethics and Wellbeing Commission for the FEI, which will be discussed at the 2023 FEI Sports Forum this week.

The draft recommendations for ensuring equine welfare is safeguarded cover all aspects of a sporting horse’s life, and are grouped according to the “underlying pillars” for maintaining a social licence to operate: Be a Leader, Be Trusted, Be Transparent, Be Proactive and Be Open to Independent Evaluation.

“Against a backdrop of increasing questions being raised from both the public and equestrians around the welfare of horses in sport, these recommendations are a hugely positive step forward,” said Roly Owers, Chief Executive of World Horse Welfare. “We applaud their scope and how they are informed by evidence and present a holistic vision that all equestrians can subscribe to and be involved in.

“I am looking forward to the discussion around these draft recommendations at the FEI Sports Forum this week. To secure a strong future, everyone involved in equestrian sport should take this opportunity to move forward and embrace these recommendations with open arms.”

World Horse Welfare supports the responsible involvement of horses in sport and is an independent welfare advisor to the FEI, the International Horse Sports Confederation (IHSC) and the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) and other national associations and federations. The charity works with horse sport to help them meet higher welfare standards through care, research, education and influence.

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