An adorable new equine arrival has been welcomed to a farm in Barnsley and the public have been invited to find her a name.

The Mediterranean miniature donkey foal was born at Cannon Hall Farm earlier this month and is thriving alongside her mother, Blueberry.

Staff at the farm said the fluffy new addition is already turning heads and is bound to become a visitor favourite.

“The Mediterranean miniature donkeys are very distinctive and can be identified really clearly by the cross markings on their back,” said Farm Director Robert Nicholson. “This little one is so tiny, probably only the size of a Labrador dog, and is proving popular with visitors already.”

The donkey foal arrived in the early hours of Tuesday (18 October). Staff said Blueberry delivered her unaided without complication and the foal was soon feeding of her own accord.

Dam Blueberry has been understandably “a little bit protective” of her youngster, but both were said to be “doing really well”. The foal has picked up her mother’s markings, with staff describing her as a “carbon copy”.

The latest arrival has not yet been given a name and the farm is encouraging the public to submit their suggestions. To do so, visit the Cannon Hall Farm Facebook page.

The Cawthorne farm has more excitement on the way with two more miniature donkeys in foal and due to give birth in the coming weeks. This is the second set of miniature donkey births at the farm, with births last year, but the foals were not bred at Cannon Hall.

The latest arrival is stallion Bob’s first youngster to have been produced at the farm.

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