A new bridleway app aims to bring riders together by allowing them to discover new routes and rate their hacks.

Equestrian social app Bridlewayz features an interactive bridleway map, which shows bridleways across the UK, as well as other horsey facilities and services.

Riders can plot routes and share them with friends and locals, allowing them to connect and discover new rides together.

The app also allows you to rate routes, upload pictures and comment on your experience.

Founder Belinda Palmer came up with the idea when moving to a new area and struggling to find suitable riding routes and local connections.

“My aim for this app is to provide a valuable service for all the UK horse lovers,” she said.

“Connecting local equestrians, uncovering new routes, and sharing all the events and offerings going on in your local area. It’s all about community.

“The Bridlewayz social feed will become the icing on the cake. Users can post their photos, experiences, events and general chat for exposure to other equestrians in their area.

“Other users will be shown with their location, so you can connect through the app and meet up for rides.”

As well as hacking routes, equestrian centres and livery yards can place themselves on the map with their service offerings. Products and goods can also be exchanged on the app.

Bridlewayz is available to download on iOS and Android.

For more details visit https://www.bridlewayz.com/

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