A rescued Shire mare who was taken into charity care in 2017 has finally found her forever home.

Honour arrived at Bransby Horses as part of a joint rescue of a large herd of Shires who had been abandoned in a large field in the West Midlands.

Concerns were raised for the welfare of the herd ahead of the cold, harsh winter months, where mares, foals and a then two year old Honour, would have no food or shelter.

“She arrived at the charity on a cold winter’s day frightened and confused,” said a charity spokesman. “It’s possible she had never been handled by humans until she arrived and was understandably wary.

“However, her kind nature shone through and within months the young filly started to blossom into the striking, confident mare she is today.”

A perfect fit

Honour’s size, lack of early handling and medical needs left staff mindful that she was likely to be in sanctuary care her entire life.

However, when an applicant ticked many of her boxes, the team felt there was a good chance Honour’s ‘perfect partner’ had been found.

The Sponsorship Star and visitor favourite proved an ideal match for the foster home, and Honour has since moved in with Jennifer, who is very excited about their future together.

“Honour has settled in really well to her new home; she has a field companion who looks like a smaller version of her and we are expecting a new friend to arrive in the next week or so,” said Jennifer. “She has a massive stable right next to her field where she spends a few hours a day, especially when it is too hot, with her next-door stable mate who is a very gentle gelding who she loves. They are the perfect size to groom each other over the stable wall.

“When we visited Bransby Horses we were so impressed with the layout, the fields and the care of all the equines there. They’ve done a splendid job with Honour – she is very trusting and we have only known each other a couple of months. Hopefully we will be together for many good years to come.”

Rehoming Manager, Rosanna Elliott Hart, said the charity was delighted Honour had found such a wonderful new home.

“When someone applies to foster a horse from us there are lots of things to consider but the animal’s needs are our highest priority,” she said. “In very rare circumstances this means there maybe horses that are not on the rehoming section of our website but, could still be considered for foster life.

“This is what has happened in Honour’s case and we are confident she will continue to thrive out of the limelight and in a new herd.”

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