The British Equestrian Trade Association’s (BETA) Summer of Safety has begun, promising to provide opportunities for equestrians to learn, win prizes, and help keep themselves and their horses safer.

The campaign is now in its third year and retains the objective of helping to keep equestrians and their horses safer in all activities. BETA is working with its trade members and aligned professionals to provide information for riders, including lives on social media and video, as well as offering prizes sharing the latest innovations.

“We are delighted to be running the Summer of Safety for 2023, and have bigger plans than ever before,” said Claire Williams, Executive Director of BETA. “This includes in person events as well as lives and content through social media, but we also have huge support amongst the trade meaning that if you visit any of our members during the summer, you could well see some Summer of Safety bunting and information as it’s a cause close to so many hearts.”

The idea behind the Summer of Safety came about in a bid to “demystify” safety, through providing more information around hats and standards, alongside real stories to allow the community to learn from one another.

“The campaign is not to scare people, far from it,” said Claire. “Through educating ourselves and sharing stories, we can all understand how we can reduce risks to keep everyone safer. Over the last two years we’ve had people like Paul Tapner share his story with us about his fall, and the impact that had was huge. We’re also very lucky to have our Chief Medical Officer, Dr Diane Fisher, on hand to support the campaign by providing insight and experience from the point of view of a medical professional.”

To find out more about BETA’s Summer of Safety, see To see the list of participating BETA members, see To get involved with the competitions and other campaign news, follow BETA on Facebook and Instagram.

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