A ‘Summer of Safety’ campaign by the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) kicks off today.

The three-month campaign will run until mid-September and is aiming to raise awareness of how equestrian products play a frontline role in keeping horses and riders safe.

It is supported by equestrian manufacturers, retailers and some of the horse world’s leading organisations, disciplines and professional riders, including the British Horse Society, British Riding Clubs, Association of British Riding Schools and the Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund.

“We are really excited about the campaign,” said BETA’s executive director Claire Williams. “With so many of the riding public paying more attention to safety than ever before, we felt it was the ideal time to raise awareness of products themselves, how they work and the best way to care for them.”

Summer of Safety replaces BETA’s annual Safety Week and highlights a wider range of products involved in equestrian activities.  While Safety Week’s primary focus was on riding hats, body protectors, air vests, hi-viz and footwear, Summer of Safety will feature the following:

  • Tack (bridles, bits, saddlery, stirrups and equine protective boots)
  • Yard safety and security, biosecurity as well as horse and rider safety (yard equipment, security products, insurance and disinfectants)
  • Horse health (parasite control, hoof care, dentistry and therapy products)
  • Riding and road safety (hi-viz for horse and rider, services and digital aids)
  • Feed room safety (feed storage, feed room and yard practices, vermin control, NOPS-approved companies, equine gastric ulcer syndrome and companies approved for the BETA scheme and feed awareness)

Summer of Safety will be promoted across BETA’s Facebook and Instagram channels using the #BSOS21 hashtag. There will be a regular stream of informative content, including posts from safety experts, rider tips, live sessions, competitions, video clips and podcasts.

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