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What’s inside…

  • Jason Webbs tips for dealing with loose dogs when you’re out hacking
  • We speak to Chinese dressage rider Sarah Rao about overcoming crippling shyness, having to delay her return to the UK due to Covid-19 and her Olympic dream
  • Ethnicity in horse sport: what members of the BAME community are doing to boost their presence in the equine world
  • Work-horse balance: the dental nurse coordinator with a 5.15am alarm call
  • Five minutes with Instagram influencer Laura-Ann Barr

In Your Horse’s Training:

  • Straight forward: late international dressage rider Jane Savoie solves horse and rider crookedness
  • Why it’s important to ride your horse on the correct diagonal (and change it regularly out hacking), for your horse’s soundness and overall wellbeing
  • Animal behaviourist Rosa Verwijs explains why horses nap and what you can do to stop it
  • International showjumper Matt Lanni shares his exercises for getting your horse off the forehand
  • Dressage trainer Wade Barley explains how to ride leg-yield and turn-on-the-forehand — and why it benefits all horses

In Your Horse’s Care:

  • Cell regeneration therapy: the non-invasive therapy having a remarkable effect on horses and people with serious injuries
  • Travelling essentials: hints and tips from riders on how to keep horseboxes of all sizes neat, tidy and user friendly on show day
  • Vet notes: the essential role vitamin D plays in your horse’s body
  • ‘I’m not feeding less to save on feed bills’: a livery yard owner speaks out about a yard owner’s vital role in fighting the equine obesity epidemic
  • The lowdown on strip grazing: what it is, how it works and the health benefits it offers your horse

In Your Horse’s Gear:

  • Six sets of travel boots test, reviewed and rated so you can buy wisely
  • Tail guards to protect and keep hair clean and tidy
  • Buyer’s Guide: the questions you need to ask before buying a trailer
  • A selection of the great new products available to buy now

In Ask The Experts:

  • Jumping issues: teaching flying changes to save time in jump offs; adopting a more stylish rider position; helping a horse overcome a fear of fillers
  • Nosebands: how to fit a grackle correctly; choosing between a grackle and a flash; what a crank noseband is and why some riders might use one
  • Equine first aid: managing laminitis; coping with choke; what to do in the event of a field injury
  • Companion animals: finding a retirement home; living with other animals; sharing grazing with livestock
  • Advice from Spillers: feeding a reliable hay replacer with added vitamins and minerals that suits laminitics

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