Emergency responders received specialist equine training at The Horse Trust earlier this month. Assisted by resident gelding Teddy, the group gained confidence around horses and learnt vital skills through the British Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Association (BARTA).

Teddy was joined by a dummy pony as he assisted firefighters from across the UK. The plastic pony was used to practice moving and lifting large animals.

Jim Green Director of British Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Association (BARTA) explained the importance of the training.

Teddy and his plastic counterpart

“Firefighters may encounter horses in many contexts during their operational lives, from stable fires and road incidents, to loose horses, flooding and the routine incident where a horse becomes trapped somewhere, such as in a ditch, bog, trailer or cattle grid,” he said. “To make good decisions, emergency responders must have knowledge of equine and human behaviour. Whilst humans are comforted by action and noise from rescuers, horses will react fearfully if adrenalised.

“The British Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Association provide training for emergency responders to build confidence and competence around horses and plan for good outcomes. This involves bringing together experienced animal rescue leaders, veterinarians and animal behaviour specialists to provide the rounded training required.”

Displays from fire and rescue crews will feature as some of the many attractions at the Horse Trust’s annual Horses, Hounds and Heroes (HHH) event on Sunday (19 June), where Teddy will play a starring role.

Click here to find out more and to purchase your tickets or visit the Black Beauty Tea Room at The Horse Trust.

For more information on BARTA visit www.bartacic.org

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